Information and Education

The Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management (BCCM Office) provides a variety of information to assist Body Corporate members and other stakeholders to keep abreast of the complicated world of Bodies Corporate.  All the information is written in line with BCCM Act and Regulations. The laws referred to in these guides are complex.  The information does not constitute legal advice and you are encouraged to obtain independent legal or financial advice if you are unsure of how these laws apply to your situation.

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Acts and Regulations

Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997

Body Corporate and Community Management (Standard Module) Regulation 2009

Body Corporate and Community Management (Accommodation Module) Regulation 2008

Body Corporate Approvals

By-laws are a set of rules for a community titles scheme that regulate a variety of matters including the keeping of animals and how owners lots appear from the common property.  To alter the appearance of a lot or to keep a pet, the owner must first make application to the Body Corporate.

Altering the appearance of the lot can include installing a shade sail or pergola, installing an air conditioner, erecting a sign and in the case of some buildings even what colour curtains/blinds you are allowed to hang in a window.  If you are planning to make some changes to your lot and it is going to affect the appearance of your lot from the common area, then you should first check your by-laws and then make an application to the Body Corporate for Approval.

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Please Note BCP Strata is not authorised to approve your application.  Your application will be forwarded to the Committee for your Body Corporate for consideration and approval and you will be notified of the outcome in due course.

There are circumstances whereby the committee cannot provide an approval and a resolution at a general meeting may be necessary.  This would generally apply when improvements to common property for the benefit of a particular lot exceed $3000 in value (minor improvements).  For further information click here.