When our Body Corporate Committee decided to canvas our options for Body Corporate Managers we were very thorough.  After conducting many interviews and talking to referees, we made a decision to recommend to owners that we appoint BCP Strata for 12 months.  We were very pleased with the change and have remained with BCP Strata now for some years.

We had many issues that we needed to deal with in order to promote a harmonious community and Scott Simpson guided us through with sound and sensible advice.  We have found his advice to be consistently helpful and practical, and he and his team are professional and respectful when dealing with Committee Members and Owners.  Scott is very supportive and always makes himself available to help us problem solve issues we might have from time to time.

We are grateful to BCP Strata for their contribution to our effective and financially viable Body Corporate.  We have no hesitation in recommending Scott and BCP Strata to other Bodies Corporate.

Carol Cashman | Chairperson | Body Corporate for Water Gallery Twin Waters

I am the current chair of Coolabah Close Body Corporate Owners Committee.  I have continued to perform this role for now two years and have also performed the duties of Chair over a number of years previously.  Coolabah Close is a group of 26 Executive Townhouses situated in Maryborough Queensland.  We have utilised the services of BCP Strata for as long as I can remember, over some twenty years - even though BCP Strata has evolved from previous business names.

This is to document the tremendous working relationship we have with Kagan Rogers and the team at BCP Strata. They have always been incredibly helpful and proficient in the management of our complex and I would be happy to be contacted by anyone as a reference for their services.

Cliff Leader | Chairperson | Body Corporate for Coolabah Close, Maryborough

I have had involvement with the people at BCP Strata since 1998 in my capacity as chairman for the Body Corporate. During this association I have got to know both Gail and Scott Simpson as principals of this firm and their team quite well.

At all times I have found them to be both professional and highly capable in their field. They are very well informed in body corporate and related matters and continue to invest time in keeping their skills and knowledge up to date. The conduct of business by them is efficient, timely and of a high standard. I have also been impressed by the care taken in their keeping of records including minutes of meetings, financials, correspondence and general records.

I have found Gail, Scott and their office support people, to be very approachable, helpful and obliging. I am aware of times where they have had to deal with some very difficult people and I have been impressed by their patience, tolerance and willingness to try and understand people's issues and to assist them.

They appear to be well established in the body corporate business and have a wide ranging network of people to whom they are able to refer the body corporate whether it is for assistance with trade and maintenance issues, financial, insurance, legal or whatever.

In dealing with circumstances which have not been straight forward, my experience is that they are innovative in their approach; they know where to go for information and guidance, again in a very efficient manner. I have encountered a number of difficult legal positions that needed to be worked through and found BCP to be most supportive with wise counsel, advice and support in managing the circumstances. Gail and Scott are honest people with integrity. They do an excellent job for this body corporate and I have no hesitation in recommending them highly to other body's corporate.

Gary C Johnston | Chairperson | Body Corporte for The Outlook Currimundi

It is with pleasure that I submit a business reference for Alison Johnson, BCP Strata's Facilities and Strata Manager.

Alison has been Mariner on the Pacific's Strata Manager for the past year and has given us invaluable service and professional support.  The transfer from the previous BCP Manager, who also gave us excellent service, has gone seamlessly, which says much for the overall BCP management structure and Alison in particular.

Alison acts most professionally at all times, is responsive to our needs and provides prompt and supportive service.  Alison's extensive knowledge and experience in Strata Management gives her an excellent base in strata management for our complex.

I therefore have no hesitation in providing a business reference for Alison and the BCP Strata team, who continually provide Mariner on the Pacific with excellent support and professional service.

Kerry Yates | Chairperson | Body Corporate for Mariner on the Pacific - Alexandra Headland

I have known Scott Simpson from BCP Strata for over 10 years. Scott displayed such a professional attitude while negotiating a new lot entitlement for our building that I asked BCP to put a proposal to the next AGM for the company to be considered as our new Body Corporate Managers.

BCP Strata as a company are extremely professional in their approach to managing the body corporate and have shown considerable skill in managing adversity among the lot owners. Scott Simpson has extremely good knowledge of the Act concerning Body Corporate management and has always maintained a fair and just approach to all lot owners.

The preparation of financial statements and budgets plus the delivery of minutes from meetings has always been timely and extremely professional. Scott is extrememly approachable and is always willing to provide some of his vast knowledge to provide information and guidance.

I would recommend BCP Strata as Body Corporate Managers for any building. The staff are knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. The services they provide are superior to other BC Management companies I have dealt with while being comparable in cost.

Martin Perkins | Chairperson | Body Corporate for The Galleries on Brunswick - Brisbane

BCP Strata Pty Ltd has been retained by the Body Corporate of Papillon Villas since the completion of our unit complex in June 2001, and have during that time provided professional secretarial and management services to our group.

As a member of the management committee and as Chairman for several years, I personally have been most impressed by the professional manner in which they carry out their role and the support and assistance they have provided on a number of challenging management issues. They have a very comprehensive knowledge of the relevant government legislation and diligently ensure our procedures and records are in line with those requirements.

I have no hesitation in recommending BCP Strata Pty Ltd to any other Body Corporate requiring similar services.

Thomas Meakin | (previous) Chairperson | Body Corporate for Papillon Villas - Point Arkwright